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The micro stakes typically refer to games where the buy-in doesn’t exceed $25 and blinds range from 1c/2c to 25c/50c. And thanks to online poker, players can buy in for almost no money (think 50c and $1) and grind their way to a bigger bankroll. And while most poker platforms offer micro stakes tables, only a few are worth playing at.

Here are 7 of the best poker sites for micro stakes players:

888 PokerIgnition PokerSwC PokerAmericas CardroomBetsafe PokerUnibetPokerstars

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at each of these websites and why they are the best platforms to play micro-stakes poker. Read on to find the best micro stakes player for you!

Every knowledgeable poker player is aware of the website that’s been around since the heydays of online poker. In fact, many of the offers you find on newer platforms are borrowed from the freerolls, and customized poker games initially found on 888 Poker.

888 Poker has always catered to serious poker players, adapting to the changing landscape of online poker over the last two decades. It’s no wonder they’re still one of the top poker websites, even twenty years after their inception.

888poker mobile tables888 also has a very appealing mobile app. I would still recommend you to play on a desktop though to maximize your winnings. Desktop makes it easier to multi-table and pay attention to more tables.

With so many years in the game, 888 Poker has a fair idea of how to cater to players at different stakes and gives its new customers many exciting offers when they first join the site.

The website’s high traffic makes it an attractive place to play micro-stakes poker. In March 2020, 888 Poker averaged over a thousand cash game players every day (and that’s just the cash games), putting them in the top five poker websites in terms of player traffic.

Thanks to their vast pool of players, you’ll find games at different stakes, including the micros. 

The best part about 888 Poker is that they have a casino wing, and many of its casino customers drift over to the poker tables for a change of scenery. Most of these inexperienced poker players will likely try their hand at the micro stakes because the buy-in is lower. 

So if you’re an avid player looking to elevate your game, understand the basics of poker, and make some money while you learn, 888 Poker is the perfect place to get started.

Additionally, 888 Poker is famous for its welcome bonuses, birthday bonuses, and various free rolls they offer throughout the year. So if you’re looking for a website where you can gain more than just a few micro stakes wins, consider using 888 Poker.

I always loved playing at 888. Decent promotions and very soft tables at micro stakes make sure that you will win consistently if you are a decent player.

888 table interface888 desktop interface is not the best, but you shouldn’t be playing on a site that looks the prettiest but instead on the softest one. And 888 together with al the promotions and bonuses should be your favorite on micro stakes.

Ignition poker is probably the best platform for those looking to play on their Macs or other Apple devices occasionally. The software on this website syncs seamlessly across devices and is built for Apple users. 

It’s crucial to mention here that if you’re looking to multi-table on Ignition Poker, it may be complicated to do so on your phone. However, if you’re playing on your Mac or iPad, you can comfortably multi-table even at the micro stakes.

Ignition Poker offers players a sleek yet simple design without too many colors or elements to distract them from playing the game. As such, it’s ideal for those looking for a straightforward approach to poker without the glamor and fanfare you’ll find on the newer websites.

And if you’re looking for a place to crush the micro stakes, Ignition Poker is a great place to get started. The competition here is typically less than on other sites, and the players aren’t as experienced. The main reason for this is probably because Ignition Poker isn’t as popular as some of the other card rooms and attracts more fish who are still learning the game.

Ignition also allows players to play micro stakes at ‘Anonymous Tables.’ These tables protect the identities of players who join and don’t allow the use of HUDs. 

In today’s online poker environment, HUDs can sometimes take the fun out of figuring out your opponents by giving real-time stats on their playing style. With the anonymous tables on Ignition, you can revert to a more straightforward form of poker without using HUDs and try to figure out your opponents by their playing styles and bet sizes.

So aside from being a great place to play at the micro tables, Ignition Poker also allows you to build your real-life poker skills through regular practice.

Video: Ignition Poker is often considered as a super soft site. You will not have problems making money at micro stakes here.

SwC Poker is probably the only poker website accepting only bitcoin deposits. And while this may seem like an obstacle at first, the use of bitcoin makes this site more accessible to players from countries worldwide. Thanks to the use of bitcoin, this website doesn’t need to deal with currency restrictions, making the micro stakes available to a broader range of players.

SwC poker is ideal for players looking for games at the micro stakes because there are plenty of tables at this range on SwC poker. Unfortunately, this website isn’t so good for higher stakes considering there’s usually just a lone player sitting at the mid and high-stakes tables waiting for someone to join.

Their platform design is neat, and while it may not be smooth and seamless, it’s functional and easy to use. The only drawback with SwC is its anonymous nature, as almost nobody knows who started the website and who currently runs it. 

As such, it can sometimes feel a little shady, considering you’re depositing and withdrawing digital currency on an unverified platform. However, most players claim that they have had honest dealings with SwC and haven’t faced problems depositing or withdrawing funds before.

Video: Want to play with crypto? Then SwC is the top pick for you.

Americas Cardroom is perhaps the most highly-trafficked micro stakes platform in the US. And while they cater to a worldwide audience, their main customer base happens to be US players.

The parent company, Sportsbook, has a good reputation for timely payouts and honoring its commitments in terms of offers provided by the platform. The software on Americas Cardroom looks suspiciously like the layout used on Pokerstars. And if you’re familiar with poker, this setup actually makes the platform much smoother and easier to navigate.

They have certain ‘annoying elements’ like cartoon avatars and a jukebox with unwanted music playing at every hand. However, you can tweak the website with a few adjustments to make it neater and less distracting.

This platform has plenty of tables at different stakes, with some going up to $600NL during peak times. As such, you’re sure to find plenty of micro stakes tables to play at as you navigate the site.

The only difference between Americas Cardroom and most other websites on this list is the level of competition here.

Video: Action can be very juicy on ACR.

Most other poker websites have a gambling wing with slot machines, roulette, and other casino games. Many casino players typically join the poker tables as if they’re playing a different casino game. Thanks to this, the competition is easier to handle, and you’ll find plenty of fish, especially at the micro stakes.

Americas Cardroom is different because it’s a platform solely dedicated to poker. So, if you see someone at your table, chances are they’re either an experienced poker player or someone looking to improve their game. 

You will rarely come across any fish or bad players, considering that most of them would either be at the other platforms mentioned here or entirely driven out of the game.

So unlike regular micro stakes games, the games here can be tricky as the players give considerable thought to the hands they play. You’ll need to mix the regular micro stakes strategy with a few other tricks and mindful playing to be able to crush the micro stakes here. 

Having said that, Americas Cardroom is also an excellent place to up your skill level as you’ll be up against some very competent poker players. Regularly going up against this kind of competition can help you polish your poker skills over time.

Betsafe poker is a licensed and regulated website, and players have access to information about the founders as well as the company headquarters. And while bitcoin may improve connectivity, some players are still looking to put their money into a website that is working under regulations and is easy to keep track of. 

In this sense, Betsafe is a better investment if you’re a careful player looking to invest your time and money in a safe platform. The only drawback with Betsafe is that it operates in several countries but not in the US.

Betsafe also offers a neat, simplified platform to play on, with a convenient slider for appropriately sizing your bets. This setup alone makes playing on this website a pleasurable experience.

Betsafe is also ideal because they almost always have hundreds of players at the lowest level micro stakes (think €0.01/€0.02), and you can find hundreds of tables within a small range of buy-ins.

Betsafe poker also has a handy feature that allows you to input the buy-in you’re willing to put in so they can find you a list of tables at that range. While this may seem uncreative to some, the convenience of having several micro stakes tables to choose from cannot be understated.

This platform also allows plates to muck the losing cards after the river card is shown. This feature can be advantageous in protecting information from your opponents. However, it can also be pretty annoying when an opponent mucks their losing cards, and you aren’t able to get a read on them. Even so, this mucking business is a minor inconvenience, and it’s not worth avoiding the website.

Unibet is a website that comes with a live casino, sports betting, and even bingo games for all the gamblers out there. And amid all their attractive games, Unibet is also one of the most popular micro stakes poker platforms in the business.

The good part about this platform is that Unibet has high player traffic. Still, most players are typically fish or inexperienced, and you’ll have a significant advantage if you can safely play ABC poker.

They also offer micro stakes cash games and live tournaments, so you can play either based on the kind of games you prefer. Unibet also has plenty of promotional offers and bonuses for new and regular players, and their offers can sometimes be pretty exciting.

The main reason why Unibet is an excellent micro stakes website is that they take a low rake compared to most popular websites, making your wins worth the time and effort you put in.

Unibet also sets up regular five-person sit-and-go tables, with the top two spots being paid out. And if you’re playing at the micros here, you can likely grind yourself all the way to the higher stakes.

Video: Unibet Poker has appealing UI, and combined with very soft tables it makes it a great site for micro stakes.

This list wouldn’t be complete without adding one of online poker’s major game changers. Pokerstars have been around since the advent of online poker, and their platform has taken the game to a whole new level, steadily changing the poker landscape along the way.

Their experience in the field, along with a following of some of the best poker players in the world, make this website one of the best if you’re planning to go pro with poker. Pokerstars also ranks among the top websites with player traffic, with thousands playing micro stakes cash games, sit-and-gos, and tournaments daily. 

And if you’re looking to elevate your game and see what real poker feels like, few places can offer the authentic experience provided here at Pokerstars.

Pokerstars is known for its satellite tournaments, and you may be able to snag a seat at a high-level game by entering and winning at the micro stakes on this platform.

The only drawback of Pokerstars is that they charge a much higher rake than most other poker platforms (sometimes up to 12% per hand!). Additionally, remember that Pokerstars is one of the most popular online poker platforms, attracting players from all over the world. As such, you may face off against experienced players even at the micro tables.

I used to 24 table cash games on PokerStars back in the day. Later when I switched from FR to 6max I would go down to 16 cash game tables. PokerStars is the site from which the majority of my profits came from. Nowadays I would rather play on sites that have a lower rake and easiest opponents.

tournament selection on poker starsWant the juicy tournaments with high guaranteed prizepools? Then PokerStars is great for you. It also has 24/7 running zoom games, to just hop I and play a few hands whenever you want without the waiting time.

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