People dressed in Collingwood attire celebrate.

Collingwood fans celebrate nail-biting win against Brisbane Lions

Collingwood fans across Melbourne and the nation are celebrating their nail-biting four-point win over the Brisbane Lions in the AFL grand final.

At the Collingwood Football Club’s live viewing site at Olympic Park Oval in Melbourne, fans hugged, screamed and cried.

This Collingwood fan (right) says he may not go home tonight.(ABC News)

One man said he didn’t think the celebrations would be finishing any time soon.

“We waited too long for this — what a feeling,” he said.

“I don’t think I’m going to be coming home tonight.”

A small boy on his shoulders said “go the Pies!”

Tears and tattoos at Magpies home base

People dressed in Collingwood attire celebrate.

The man on the left says the win means “everything” to him.(ABC News)

Through tears, a life-long Collingwood fan said the win meant “absolutely everything” to him.

“We got there in the end, in Collingwood style — McCrae style,” he said, referring to Collingwood’s coach Craig McCrae.

“This is incredible, I can’t believe we’ve won.”

A woman in Collingwood clothing shouts and raises her arm.

This fan says she feels alive watching footy.(ABC News)

A woman praised Norm Smith medallist Bobby Hill as a “legend” and described Scott Pendlebury’s goal as “magic”.

“This is the best day of my entire life, it doesn’t feel real,” she said.

“I feel alive three hours a week. When footy’s on, I can feel the blood rushing through my veins.”

A woman in a Collingwood scarf shows her

This Collingwood fan’s “Flagpies 2023” tattoo ended up paying off.(ABC News: Bridget McArthur)

Another fan showed off her tattoo, which said “Flagpies 2023”.

“My tattoo paid off!” she said.

‘They did their best’: Brisbane fans commiserate

At a pub in Southbank in Brisbane, the mood was understandably sombre.

A woman in a Lions' jersey holding a baby.

Watching the Lions fighting to the end was “heart-stopping” for this woman.(ABC News)

One woman described watching the final minutes of the game as “heart-stopping”.

“They did their best, that’s all we can ask,” she said.

She said she hoped the Brisbane Broncos and Gold Coast Titans would have better luck in tomorrow’s NRL and NRLW deciders.

A man in a Brisbane Lions outfit.

Despite the loss for the Lions, this fan says it was the best final in a long time.(ABC News)

A man decked out in Lions gear said the Lions had “not lost any fans”.

“We would have been very lucky to win it,” he said.

“Ah well, next year again — Collingwood are gonna be tough though, they’re gonna get a lot of confidence out of this.

“It was a great game, best final we’ve seen in a long while.”

A man at a pub watching a Collingwood footy game.

A Collingwood fan at a Brisbane pub says he’ll get the club’s logo tattooed.(ABC News)

One of the few Collingwood fans at the Brisbane venue said he had been barracking for the Pies for 45 years.

“The downside is I now have to come through with the family pledge of getting a tattoo,” he said.

He said he intended to follow through with the promise and get a tattoo of the Collingwood logo.

“My wife and daughter are both mad Lions supporters, and my son and I are both mad Magpies supporters, so makes for an interesting household sometimes.”



Author: Russell White