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Police officers allegedly assaulted after ‘disgusting’ incident at outback Australian Rules grand final

Two men have been charged with assaulting two police officers after spectators stormed an Australian Rules football field during a grand final in outback Queensland.

Key points:

Police says spectators stormed the field after a disagreement with an umpire’s call
Two officers were treated at the Mount Isa Hospital
Police say further controls will be implemented in the future

The Alpurrurulam Bats, from Lake Nash in the Northern Territory, played the local Buffs team at Legend Oval in the north-west community of Mount Isa on Saturday.

Mount Isa Police District officer-in-charge Adrian Rieck said supporters of the Alpurrurulam Bats stormed the field about 3pm due to a disagreement with a call that had been made.

“They were becoming boisterous and angry towards players,” he said.

He said two police officers who had been on duty at the game intervened and attempted to quell the angry spectators.

“Those people then turned on the two police officers that were there and commenced to assault them,” Senior Sergeant Rieck said.

Police allege the officers were punched in the head and chest while one suffered a broken finger.

Both were treated at the Mount Isa Hospital.

Two males, a 47-year-old and a 41-year-old, both from Alpurrurulam, were charged with several offences including assaulting police officers on duty.

They were due to face Mount Isa Magistrates Court on Monday.

Lake Nash played Mount Isa in the AFL grand final on Saturday.(Supplied: Steve Edgington)

Senior Sergeant Rieck said further controls would be introduced at future sporting events.

“It is disgusting that people can’t attend a football game without behaving like this … it is incomprehensible that grown adults cannot attend an event without being so uncontrollable because of a call or a referee decision that it then descends into violence,” he said.

“I can guarantee that this won’t happen again in Mount Isa while I’m the police officer in charge.

“There will be further controls in relation to these matters moving forward in relation to all sporting events,” he said.




Author: Russell White