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Rock band Kiss stuns MCG crowd with pyrotechnics and bedazzled dancing kids ahead of AFL grand final

Kiss has stunned crowds at the MCG with a massive performance, shaking off criticisms the rock band is too old to perform at an AFL grand final in 2023.

Performing in front of a full house at the MCG ahead of the grand final between Collingwood and Brisbane, the American rockers took to the stage clad in their signature heavy make-up and glam-rock outfits.

The band opened with I Was Made for Lovin’ You, as columns of flame burst from the ground around the stage.

After that came Shout It Out Loud, before the band wowed the crowd with a lively performance of Rock and Roll All Nite, featuring hundreds of dancers forming the word “Kiss” on the MCG turf.

Young kids dressed as mini-Kiss band members were the highlight of the performance, vigorously strumming imaginary guitars and drums and rocking to a song that came out in 1975.

At the end of the performance, lead singer Paul Stanley swung his guitar around several times as if to throw it, before the camera panned away and missed the climax.

The AFL said it took 300 people to set up the stage, and 700 wheels to not damage the grass.

The grand final performance came ahead of what the band says will be its last-ever Australian show, scheduled for October 7 in Sydney.

Before the Kiss performance, Indigenous musicians William Barton and Jess Hitchcock kicked off the pre-game entertainment with a rendition of Waltzing Matilda.

Then after the retiring players circled the G, Mike Brady performed his classic footy final anthem Up There Cazaly.

Brady adapted a line in honour of AFL legend Ron Barassi, who died earlier this month, singing “up there Cazaly, and Barassi too”.

It has been reported that Kylie Minogue and Crowded House declined invitations to perform at the final.



Author: Russell White