a family in lions regalia

Two brothers, two codes, and a bucket list footy trip

Thousands of Brisbane footy fans will embark on the trip of lifetime in the coming days to see their beloved Lions or Broncos play off for a premiership title.

But what about those whose allegiances are equally divided across the two codes?

That’s the case for brothers Adam and Nick Kincaid, who will redefine what it means to be a Brisbane football super fan this weekend.

“We were like, let’s do both,” Adam said.

The pair started planning for the possibility weeks ago, knowing that their memberships to both Brisbane’s NRL and AFL clubs could put them in contention for tickets.

“We kind of backed the Lions first, we thought they’re in the best position they’ve been in years, and we had to get those flights sorted early,” Adam said.

Nick wasn’t so confident in the early stages of the team’s preliminary final against Carlton.

“I can tell you I was like hands-on-head [during the] first quarter, I was like ‘Lions aren’t going to make this, this is going to be embarrassing for us’,” he said.

‘Bucket list stuff’

But their gamble paid off.

They’ll fly to Melbourne on Friday and spend Saturday at the MCG, before an early flight Sunday morning to Brisbane.

“This is the peak of being a Brisbane football fan, like this is bucket list stuff for so many fans and we’re absolutely stoked to be able to do the trip,” Adam said.

“Brisbane might have to go into lockdown this weekend just watching games and celebrating.”

The brothers will fly to Melbourne on Friday and spend Saturday at the MCG, before an early flight Sunday morning to Brisbane.(ABC News: Michael Lloyd)

By Monday, the price of return flights to Sydney and Melbourne had pretty much doubled.

The Kincaid brothers managed to avoid the surge by taking a punt on their teams weeks ago, but the round trip will still cost them close to $2,000.

Fourth-generation fan

Naomi Thompson is a fourth-generation Lions fan who supported the club even in the old Fitzroy days.

a family in lions regalia

Naomi Thompson and her family have been at every single grand final. (Supplied)

She flew to Melbourne earlier in the week with her son to soak up the week of grand final celebrations.

“Houses are decorated, people are in the streets yelling ‘GO LIONS!’,” Ms Thompson said.

“It has been a long journey, obviously we had those amazing years in 2001 to 2004.”

A selfie of Naomi Thompson and her son next to a plane

Naomi Thompson and her son excitedly waiting to board a plane to Melbourne.(Supplied)

Ms Thompson and her family have been at every single Lions grand final, and wouldn’t have missed this Saturday for the world.

“[I’m] absolutely beside myself,” she added.

“We’re just so excited to be down here with family, and enjoy this very special week for this grand final week.”

Lions from the start

Gilbert Liu was also in the crowd when the Lions claimed the flags previously.

The only difference this time round is he’ll be celebrating with his 15-year-old son, Archie.

Archie and Gilbert Liu wear Brisbane Lions merchandise while sitting in front of framed memorabilia

Gilbert Liu (right) was at the 2001, 2002, and 2003 Brisbane Lions grand final wins and will be taking his son Archie (left) to the 2023 final on Saturday.(ABC News: Tara Whitchurch)

“Going by yourself and with your mates and your brother is one thing, but you know going there with your son is definitely much more special,” he said.

Like the Thompsons’, the Liu family have barracked for the Lions since the Fitzroy days, and maintained their loyalty when the club merged with the Brisbane Bears, despite still living in Melbourne.

“I’ve supported them since I was born,” Archie Liu said.

“I’m looking forward to you know hear the crowd and just see what the Lions [do], I think we’ll put up a good fight.”

Maiden trip to the MCG

Gold Coast’s Joanne Lau first Lions memento was a stubby cooler from Michael Voss’ Brownlow Medal win of 1996.

She’s since collected everything from newspaper clippings and ticket stubs to flags and premiership scarfs.

a woman in lions regalia

Joanne Lau has been collecting Lions memorabilia since 1996. (ABC News: Steve Keen )

But she’s scored her very first ticket to an AFL grand final just this weekend.

“I think it’s going to be a bit of a dream actually,” she said.

“I really don’t mind the outcome even though I really want the Lions to win.

“The fact that they’ve made it is just incredible.”



Author: Russell White