Footballer Harley Reid carries the ball forward for Victoria Country

When it is, how to follow and who will be number one pick?

The AFL draft has arrived, with intrigue and drama expected as a new group of young stars hit the league.

Here’s when it is, how to follow it and who is expected to be taken with the number one pick.

When is the AFL draft?

The AFL draft will be held on November 20 and 21. The event will begin at 7pm AEDT on both nights.

All first-round selections will be made on the first night of the draft, with the remaining selections and rounds to be completed on the second night.

How can I watch the AFL draft?

The draft will be broadcast on Fox Sports and Kayo from 7pm AEDT on both nights.

You can also follow the ABC Sport live blog throughout the afternoon and for the duration of the draft on both nights.

How does the draft work?

At the draft, AFL clubs have the opportunity to recruit the best under-18 footballers in the country.

Lance Collard goes through his paces at the AFL draft combine.(Getty Images: Dylan Burns)

The draft order is initially structured as the season’s ladder in reverse, but selections can be traded among clubs and across years. Clubs are also awarded picks as compensation for departing free agents, and occasionally in the form of league assistance after years of poor performance.

Some players are tied to specific clubs either through their academies or via the father-son rule. All others can be selected by any club, and will immediately be a part of that club’s list.

Who will be the number one draft pick?

Barring arguably the biggest shock in draft history, Harley Reid will be selected with the number one pick.

Footballer Harley Reid carries the ball forward for Victoria Country

Harley Reid will be taken with the number one draft pick.(Supplied: Bendigo Pioneers Facebook)

The West Coast Eagles hold the first pick and, despite receiving offers from numerous other clubs for that selection, are set to pick up the explosive Victorian midfielder Reid.

A strong top 10 has been identified this year, but outside of that opinions on this draft class have varied.

Here is our own ranking of the 30 best players set to be taken in this draft.



Author: Russell White